High Protein Pita Dip


Welcome to my very first recipe where I will very casually be sharing my favourite go-to foods and snacks.

If anyone knows me, they know that I believe in a lifestyle of health; with plenty of delicious alternatives. I do not believe at all in deprivation, nor do I believe in fad diets. This way, your body will love you back and won’t be conditioned to hate your depriving ways (I learned this the hard way but that is okay!! because now I can share it with you!)

Without further adue, lets get started!

Finally! a NON-SWEET, HIGH-PROTEIN snack. Am I the only one that is super happy about this?!

I’m sure most people know about Tzatziki. Tzatziki is an amazing snack as well; it contains fresh greek yogurt, cucumbers, and spices. However, this one is different.¬†

In this snack, all you will need is Greek Yogurt,  Zaatar(or any loved spice), and pita. Your pita can be old if you wish, since we will be crisping it up in the oven anyways!

Nutritional facts can be found below. :)!


-Greek Yogurt


-Zaatar (or any loved spice)

-Salt (optional)

-Olive oil (optional)



1) Place pita in the oven at 400 degrees farenheit. Bake for 7 minutes.

*Optional: You can cut the pita in nice pieces beforehand, or just crunch them up afterwards. Also, you can put some olive oil and Zaatar on the pitas before baking; as you wish.

2) Place 1 cup Greek Yogurt in bowl.

3) Add 1 or 2 tbsp Zaatar (or as much as you wish!)

4) Add 1 tbsp olive oil, and 1 pinch of salt, and mix!

5) Dip your crunchy pitas in and enjoy a guilt-free, savory snack.

**Nutritional Facts: contain a little olive oil, and a small pita with 1 cup of dip.


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