Be ready to immerse yourself into a welcoming environment that will encourage you to challenge yourself!

Take this one hour for you to push and connect with your fearless inner-self. Experiencing growth through jumping rope is for everyone and anyone.
New dance music to bring out your inner-diva, skip rope tricks designed to improve your coordination, and effective workouts to burn calories as well as to strengthen your heart and body is what’s to be expected.

Join a community of women from all different circumstances that come together to create the uniquely fun vibe that is Jump Rope Fitness.


Sabrina Castro

Jump Rope Fitness Review

“Kiara is by far the best trainer I’ve ever had. She is extremely kind, humble, and really has a way of motivating you to push yourself. Her jump rope class was something that I always looked forward to because it helped to release stress and to have fun while also getting a good workout. She is so dedicated to her class and makes sure that every class is different to keep it lively. Her workouts are so fun and her music playlists are crazy good. I recommend her class to anyone looking to destress!”

Maahsin Zahid

Personal Training Review

“Kiara came into my life when I was going through a very low phase emotionally, mentally and physically. I knew I wanted to take my workouts forward but seeing the weights section of the gym scared the hell out of me. I remember telling myself “ just go take a glance” and as soon as I went to look like a lost puppy Kiara bumped into me and welcomed me with a big smile and I signed up for our first meeting then. To be honest, she is the best trainer I could have gotten not just because shes a fit human being who is amazingly pretty but she is a genuine person. I can see how much she wants to help people better themselves. How much she hates when someone stops believing in themselves and she really wants to be the reason behind someone moving forward with themselves. I know because that is how she makes me feel. I gave up on myself but she didnt.  If I am in a happier place right now she gets part of the credit because she not only did her duty as a trainer and kept me physically fit,

But she also was that good role model who also made sure I was mentally and emotionally happy with myself. I swear if I ever become a famous celebrity LOL I will litetally hire her as my personal trainer forever!”

Mia Fox

Jump Rope Fitness Review

“Wednesday nights were great for me this past semester, because I had jump rope class with Kiara! She brought great enthusiasm, positivity and encouragement every week, and I felt welcomed and inspired to grow. I love that she met each of us where we were at, and as a beginner jumper with a passion for fitness, I found that I learned a lot while still getting in a great workout! I went from having never been able to do crossovers and double-unders (which I truly thought were impossible) to building confidence in those skills and much more. After leaving Montréal, I even bought a rope so that I could continue to practise what I’d learned. I 100% recommend her classes!”

What are you waiting for?

Renita Bangert

Personal Training Review

“Kiara is such a great trainer to work with! She is energetic, empathetic, and always available and happy to answer questions or cheer you on. I’ve been able to stick with my workout goals and make progress thanks to her – plus I’ve learned lots of new fun things! She was amazing for me as a beginner in the gym, and I think she’d be a great help to anyone looking to make fitness a part of their lifestyle.”

Rita Wissa

Jump Rope Fitness Review

“I was looking for a fun way to stay active and stumbled on Kiara’s jump rope fitness class. What.a.blessing! Kiara’s love for health and fitness is so contagious. She knows how to keep you motivated and focused by constantly changing the workouts to keep us on our toes and workout our whole body. She’s also such a sweet person. She keeps asking about me after I stopped going to class due to an injury. I can’t wait to heal to workout with Kiara again!”

Rebecca jiang

Jump Rope Fitness Review 

” Kiara is a really amazing and excellent trainer. She is also my first personal trainer. She teaches me well and always encourages me to be healthy. I lost weight because of her personal plan. She is sunny, enthusiastic and warm. Kiara has an optimistic attitude towards life . She always smiles and jumps rope. I hope that Kiara will continue her healthy lifestyle while guiding other students to fulfill their healthy goals and achieve their dream body shapes!!!”

Rebecca Jiang

Karla Ordizio

Jump Rope Fitness Review 

“I was really impressed by Kiara. Her dedication and desire to help you is exactly what I wanted. Her personality is warm and caring, and fun too. She always took the time to recommend things when I needed it. Kiara is a trainer that I am happy to recommend. If you want someone who actually cares Kiara is the one.”

Karla Ordizio



Kiara offers jump rope training as well as personal one-on-one training. In group classes, she ensures to give her full attention to every individual’s needs.

Personal training is an option for those who need guidance in obtaining a healthy, and sustainable lifestyle. Under her guidance, you can expect to achieve more than your physical results.

Her philosophy revolves around pushing your mental capacities, and exceeding your limits all while maintaining a sustainable, long-term plan.